My Picks for Women’s Garden-Boots-Wellies-Clogs!

Who says garden shoes can’t be fashionable?

What’s hot in the world of garden boots? I ‘m checking out the styles and making My Picks for Women’s Garden-Boots-Wellies-Clogs!


These boots are multi purpose outdoor shoes but I like theses for the garden. They come in several color selections but I find these two tone grey and aqua funky and in!


This new floral print style is bright and fun. Do you see a pattern here? I love the aqua!



Super fashionable…even though these come in 4 other colors I like the patent black the best!

These aren’t water proof water rather water resistant Gortex and if you would like a killer country or garden boot that would last a lifetime check out Dubarry of Ireland. They are pricey but worth it. You’ll keep them FOREVER!



Other companies to watch…check out LeCameau and



Create air plant (Tillandsias) balls for beautiful garden party decor or your home or next big event!

I think this is such a beautiful natural way to create garden party decor. It’s also so easy to make. All you need is a styrofoam ball in the size you would like and u-shape pins. Cover the ball with moss or buy precovered moss balls at your craft store. Insert pins around the plant to hold to ball. Choose a starting point and work your way around with each Tillandsias. I think these would look amazing at any occasion.

To purchase Tillandsias go to or

Planters in hot colors!

Hot Pots!

This style pot is becoming increasingly more popular. I think as the comtemporary look becomes increasingly more popular this pot is great transition for those who like eclectic mixing new, old, bright, and fun!

Instant easy raised bed planter with a whole lot of roof top garden impact!

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This picture is of a raised bed planter on a roof top terrace. This planter is a simple frame (stained) that was built around plastic window boxes. Looking at my space  I simply decided that I wanted my planter to be approximately 11 boxes long and the width was determined by the lenght of the window bow. I used 30 inches. I simply planted out each box using full and easy plants like liriope, coleus, and hostas. The area is loaded with shade so these plants are perfect and will be easy to keep alive during the summer months.
*Most chain stores have a wood cutting machine so you can get your lumber precut before you leavve the store. Buy nails long enough to go through the boards and hammer away. I think this took me all of 30 minutes to make once I had the materials.
So simple but it takes up space in a large area, provides impact, and look fabulous!

Nate Berkus gave Hope Lodge and amazing interio space…check out how I helped him with garden

Installing Florida Sod

“Super Flight” 5 Part Painting Series

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Calculated Nails

Painting 4

“Super Flight” 5 Part Painting Series

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This painting series about expressing yourself. You don’t have to be a formally trained artist to get your toughts out. I like to use acrylics because they are less toxic and easy to clean up. Try a large canvas and choose colors that might represent your mood. You don’t have to have a picture in mind, you can simply just think about your art as color. If you feel blue than maybe that’s where you start and so on. I like to keep a working painting at all times and when I feel the urge I’ll simply pick up a brush and get started! Happy expressive painting!

Outer Body

Super Flight 5 Part Painting Series

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Love Over Mercury

Painting 2: Love Over Mercury

Super Flight 5 Part Painting Series

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Painting 1: TWO