How to find sustainable environmentally friendly furniture?


How to find sustainable environmentally friendly furniture?

Check out

This is your one stop website to find many companies that represent the environment. I’m so happy for this organization because they are building the opportunity for the general public to find green furniture. Just a word of advice:  I recommend that you look at the manufacturer section rather than the “find a retailer”. Many of the retailers do not have updated info and/or have selected that they sell or rep products for the exterior, but in fact they do not. Also when you select a manufacturer be sure to check out their sustainable or green products. Many of the companies sell both. I would suggest contacting the manufacturer directly to locate a retailer in your area.


Beautiful Eco Friendly Wall Art Suitable For the Outside

Beautiful Eco Friendly Wall Art Suitable For the Outside!

This teak wall art made by Asian Art Imports would look amazing in the right exterior setting either hung vertical or horizontal above a seating grouping. Asian Art Imports in a wholesaler but check their sight out for many environmentally friendly green furniture products. I think much of their collection is eclectic enough that it can be used in almost any decor. I recommend keeping it in a covered area but none the less weathered teak is beautiful to me!

Exterior and Interior Design…Italian Style!

Exterior and Interior Design…Italian Style!


One of my favorite garden design companies I enjoyed visiting and learning from is Garden House in San Vincenzo, Italy. Family owned and operated, the Lazzerini’s  like to keep it in house. They are equipped to make it all… inside and out. On there site you can get a taste of Italy through the design of the garden projects as well and their interiors. Check out their site at


What is Mycorrhizae? They are like probiotics for your plants!

What is Mycorrhizae?

The symbiotic association of the mycelium of a fungus with the roots of plants. The majority of vascular plants have mycorrhizae. The fungus assists in the absorption of minerals and water from the soil and defends the roots from other fungi and nematodes, while the plant provides carbohydrates to the fungus. There are two kinds of mycorrhizae: endomycorrhizae,in which the fungal hyphae enter the cells of the root cortex, and ectomycorrhizae, in which they surround the cells.

I think using mycorrhizal products are essential to the health of your landscape. Think of it like probiotics for your plants. If your soil health is optimum than your plants receive the beneficial nutrients they need to survive and thrive. The fungus helps to break down compost matter to become food for the plants. Some benefits are increased performance ( I have proved this time and time again), drought resistance, larger thriving root systems, and most importantly and not recommended are non organic fertilizers. I don’t believe in eating poison and nor should you feed it to your plants!

I generally install very large material when landscaping homes. There were several varieties of plants that I could count on loosing with every new install. Once I started using a combination of Super Thrive and micorrhiza products my losses went to percentages decreased by 90%.

Check out   for more information on how you can obtain these products.


Bermuda Turf

The best garden clothing popular in the UK

The best garden clothing popular in the UK

One thing I was super surprised to discover on a garden trip several years ago was how popular garden specific clothing had become in the UK. I recall one garden shop owner telling me that 1/2 of his annual sales were now coming from garden clothing. Most of the clothing I saw at the GLEE trade show in Birmingham England reminded me of a slightly different take on country clothing. I thought the clothes looked feminine and delicate in terms of style yet durable for wear.  One of the companies featured was a Swedish company called Garden Girl Ltd. The trousers have all the right pockets, built in knee pads, and places to attach your tools.  I especially loved the children’s garden clothing collections.


For men or a more rugged garden shirt for women try the traditional Norfolk Slop Shirt made from sail cloth originally designed for sailor’s this shirt is durable and widely used as garden clothing among men and women i


My favorite Pruners/Secatuers

My favorite Pruners/Secatuers

The one tool I cannot live without in the garden is an excellent pair of pruners. My personal favorites are:


British made Burgon & Ball:

This company has been around over 200 years making agricultural and gardening tools. One of the world’s elite when it comes to tools they offer a wide variety of pruners and secateurs.

Made from heat treated, high carbon steel, precision ground blades they are perfect for smaller hands. 

I love the cut and hold especially wen pruning “thorny” roses! Felco sells these too.


Swiss made Felco:

I tend to use these the most. I like the durability and the lifetime warranty;)

Swiss made Felco 12 with rotating handle

Also check out Geramn made Wolf Garten. I don’t own these but like the quality![showUid]=41&cHash=4e2b3cd81a