Nostalgia at the High Line

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When I was a kid my favorite place to be was outside either playing in the woods, running through a tall grassy field, or maybe just turning over rocks to see what discovery I could make in a creek. When I visit the High Line in New York City all of the memories come flooding back in. The beautifully mixed blend of New York natives creates the perfect aroma to remind me of those summer times.
Sure I could get that feeling visiting my family in rural Pennsylvania who still own those fields, woods, and creeks, but when I’m in New York for business it’s such a pleasant respite from the hectic pace of the city. My suggestion is not to only take in the sight of the High line but also take some deep breaths through your nose and smell those natives. It’s nostalgia at the High Line.
This park is New York’s latest addition which is a must see. A converted railroad track it took many people as a labor of love to bring it to fruition. When in the city even you must visit!
Visit to learn more about this beautiful park.

“Relax” and use some chalk paint on your pots!

Chalk Paint Pots

“Relax” and use some chalk paint on your pots!

What a fun idea?! I think I might paint a few pots in chalk paint in staggered sizes, set them next to the front door, and write an H on one and an I on the other. HI! I think pots can become a great way to send a message or create an eclectic look for your covered porch or patio. Maybe you would want to write what type of herbs you have planted or my favorite thing to do with my nieces have them name the plants!

Hello Yellow!

Bright Yellow Garden Planter

Hello Yellow!

If you have been reading the blog than you are aware I am a big fan of the bright combo of yellow and turquoise blue. I promise after this post I will move on. I just had to show you that yellow was in! I swear my cries out for color to the design universe are working. These new mock French style garden planters are just the ticket to do a great combo if you are favoring the Trina Turk outdoor fabric collection.

Trina Turk…I’m watching you!

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Trina Turk Outdoor Fabric by Schumacher

When Trina Turk introduced her exterior fabric collection I thought amen! The look was innovative and fresh. I had longed for change away from the burgundy and tan. Please stop the burgundy madness! Let’s give a cheer Trina because the industry is catching up with you. Recently at the garden trade shows turquoise and yellow were big colors. It’s nice to have some beautiful coordinating fabric even if it’s just a few designs!

Turquoise Blue Hot Again in the Garden Scene

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Monrovia Garden Display IGC Trade show 2011


Turquoise Blue Hot Again in the Garden Scene:

I have always loved finding old pots when I rummage¬†through antique shows for that beautiful 1940’s/50’s blue. I especially loved that someone read my mind a few years ago and started making products more readily available in this color. I think Trina Turk went awesomely wild with her new outdoor fabrics blending turquoise with yellow. Seems like an old idea but impossible to find in garden products. I think Monrovia one of my favorite California’s nurseries had a great display showcasing this look. I think thy also give a great idea using painted hardware for exterior wall art…very cool!

The Best New Garden Items at the Atlanta Market and IGC Trade Shows

Offered by Viducci

Hot new garden style chargers

John Lamos Collection

Check out the best new garden items at the Atlanta market and the IGC trade shows 2011. Viducci’s introduction of the John Lamos collection was the biggest surprise of the shows! I think this collection really appeals to that rustic meets industrial chic meets Napa Valley look. I could see adding these to any collection maybe a sleek tall modern pot next to a low round rustic one or vice verse! These pots fill a void in what lacks in the shabby sheik look without being metal.