Check out this exterior end table that doubles as a planter!






When it comes to exterior decor mixing looks is so important to creating a creative comfortable look and feel. I love finding different eclectic end tables. Check out these tables from Rome Industries Inc. While their choice of plants doesn’t exactly show these tables off to the best of their ability…I can see through what’s wrong and find the right. I see succulents, colored glass, or mexican pebbles! Maybe you could get creative and use this as cooler to keep your wine nice and chill! This company does not sell directly to the public but don’t be afraid to send an email to them and ask “hey…where do I buy your cool end tables?


Exterior Patio Table


Pacific Home and Garden mixed color planters can pull a the look together.

In the world of Vietnamese pottery I really like these mixed color planters with the flat grey base currently offered by Pacific Home and Garden to the trade only. I feel like its good a way to either introduce color into a very soft grey and white pallet or bring a zinc effect more muted into a very colorful decor. The aged rustic feel of the base with the modern glossy fresh look for the top color are sure to help you combine looks. I would try this with a zinc rustic feel accented with teak chairs left to weather naturally maybe next to a white fabric sofa on an natural color aluminum frame with super funky bright patterned fabric to match! I love…the orange!

Pacific Home and Garden

Pacific Home and Garden


Buddha you always make a great zen exterior accessory!

Depending upon the colors you have selected for your exterior living space this turquoise Buddha offers a great little peaceful to place on any credenza, bar, coffee table or garden bench. Also available in white I really like a little the aged look.  I can see this sitting a top a moder style coffee table for sure sitting next to a modern style pot with a beautiful orchid planted inside! This collection is offered by Skalny which only sells to the wholesale trade. You can view the entire collection at

It’s Steve & James 2nd year on the scene and sticking to their own theme.



steve & james 2011 show display


I give Steve and James two thumbs up and as a nose too. That’s means super cool in the 6 year world of my niece Mary Louise. The company was started by Steve Pellow and James Casey with the intent to offer a quality product at a good price point. Of course these are good points but I think they offer a stylized mixable exterior furniture assortment with of the moment fabric selections. James has a “just want to hug him demeanor” which tells me they would a be pleasant company to work with which as a designer that ranks just as high if not higher in my book.  James has an eclectic personal style that indicates a creative edge which is what  I think he may really bring to the table.  I  think this shows in the whimsical stylings of the Amanda collection which offers a fun almost neon color pop on it’s curvy lines. The total collection is small space friendly without feeling miniaturized. Using fabric rolled over the powdercoat and painted aluminum arm the Dean collection feels finished and stands out  from the rest of your “we fit small spaces finds”. The pieces feel a little 60’s retro yet modern and updated which make the collections extremely versatile for  a customized home exterior design look. I really liked the color selections and fabric choices. White and grey are in my mind the trendiest base fabric colors for collections in the exterior fashion moment! I also seem to be designing with a ton of blue and white which just feels so fresh and relaxed. Steve and James you are one my choice picks for the 2011 ICF expo and it’s not because you gave out the coolest best bags ever and company logo-ed coasters, but because you are coming onto the market place with a simple well grouped collection that is useful and up to date. Cheers to new beginnings!



Dean Chair

CHECK OUT to see full line and where you can purchase

Yes…I found a grey exterior rug that I can use!

Plastic Fantastic Grey Chair from JSPR

Walt Disney Pamona Outdoor Rug

Liroa Manne' Outdoor Rug in Grey

I recently placed the coolest chairs in a job from JSPR “plastic fantastic”. My challenge would then be to find an outdoor rug that I would find acceptable to use with these unbelievably cool grey chairs. Most recently I saw Liora Manne’s new collection by Trans Ocean  in Chicago at the IGC. I was settling in on the idea of using a black rug from the Walt Disney collection. However this rug is perfect for not only it’s shade of grey, but the word play is interesting, fun, and a conversation starter! I’m not sure if it’s what I will use for this particular job. Walt might win, but it’s nice to finally have options. Grey was the hot color at the ICF show in Chicago for furniture this year but only Liore Manne’ was thinking it might be nice for rugs! If grey is what you are looking then be sure to take a peak at the Dalyn Rug Company too. They have a geometric grey exterior rug that can work for almost any look.

It’s trade show season…stay tuned for the latest and greatest in exterior design.

Kim Levell Design Exterior Living Space

It’s trade show season…stay tuned for the latest and greatest in exterior design.

Although this time of year is a bit of a grind for me hopping from trade show to trade show. I really enjoy putting all of the puzzle pieces together. You see in my industry vendors don’t always know where to show off their collections. They can’t afford the time nor the money to show at every industry trade show. Do they pick interior design shows (oh but they might miss the patio store buyer), do they select the interior design show (don’t want to miss the garden center folks), do they show at a landscape show to capture the landscape architects or do they show off their latest creations at the patio show in Chicago and risk losing the interior designers? Ah decisions decisions! Welcome to the world of an exterior designer. I have to hit them all. Sometimes I feel like the only one too and mark my word that’s what I usually hear from the companies as well. I should introduce myself and say “hi, I’m Kim Levell the only exterior designer in the world”. Or maybe just the only one who gets it? Well I’m hoping to change all that! The next several blogs I will be bringing you my picks not only for the latest in furniture but I will show you how to find a cohesive collection that will help you complete your exterior look pots, furniture, accessories and all!

Take a look at the photo depicted here. This is one of my latest completed projects. You will notice several different furniture collections represented from several different manufacturers. I design the exterior living spaces much like you would an interior. It’s eclectic and comfortable.

Van Gogh Quote I love

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Vincent Van Gogh

“Stop thinking open your eyes and you will see something beautiful”
Vincent Van Gogh

I love this quote because it resonates with my creative mind that never seems to cease. The next time you are driving down the highway or maybe walking thru the city thinking about all the things in your present life remember this quote, quiet your mind and observe something beautiful.