Privacy Please… Balcony Screen

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Privacy Please… Balcony Screen


Les Jardins Privacy Planter



Considering that I’m in the garden on a daily basis sculpting dreams for my clients I found refuge in a 1600SF condo in downtown Tampa. Lucky for me my balcony is recessed which gives me ample privacy or as much as living on top of someone can be. However, as time goes on it’s not just condo living that’s close but also many single family 2 and 3 story homes are being built just feet apart. In my neck of the woods it’s 10′ to be exact. One issue that clients ofetn face is how to get some privacy from their neighbor. While one of my favorite screens to build is dry bamboo boxed in I thought these planters from Les Jardins were feeling a niche need. Companies go out on limb sometimes developing these products and you won’t find many available. Stay tuned and I’ll show you how to mak that bamboo screen soon!


Frank Lloyd Wright’s Falling Waters

Frank Lloyd Wright's Falling Waters

Frank Lloyd Wright’s Falling Waters



Pathway to Falling Waters

When I was a small child my grandparents moved from Pittsburgh to Indian Lake Pennsylvania. I couldn’t wait for breaks from school so that my brother, sister , and I could go to Gram and Poppie’s house just 2 hours outside of Pittsburgh. Once off the turn pike it’s like we entered a new world. It was so peaceful and beautiful. The air was crisp, the sky without light pollution seemed to magically glisten, the trees tall and dense represented every shade of green imaginable. It was heaven on earth. I can see why the Kaufmann family loved this place to get away from it all. While there home was just  a 30 minute drive away from my grandparents, it was nestled in those same Pennsylvania mountains I like to call my home away from home. I can’t think of a better architect than Frank Lloyd Wright to capture the essence of the area. He was so gifted and sought to develop architecture to be harmonious with nature. I’m guessing, but I think that falling waters could be thing single most significant representation of that on this planet today. I was lucky enough to arrive on a rainy day.

Moss lined walls at Falling Waters

 The beautiful moss growing on the stone surrounding the house was postcard, the sound of the falling water emphasized like a symphony coming to crescendo, and the peaceful sound of the rain dripping through the trees made me feel one with Mr. Wright’s vision.

Falling Waters Sculptural Art
Falling Waters Sculptural Art

Falling Waters Sculpture



One of my favorite things about the garden areas surrounding the home were the stragegic placement of beautiful sculptural art. Everything had it’s place. If you are planning a visit go to for more information.


Elaine Smith’s Pillow Fashion Sense

Elaine Smith’s Pillow Fashion Sense…Inconceivably Outdoors!

Elaine Smith Exterior Pillows




Elaine Smith Exterior Pillow

I’m always looking for that next level when it comes to personalizing your outdoor living space. While I love to put pillows outside I have to admit I kept it simple. I may use beautiful fabrics, but I play it safe by using welts, cording, and the occasional exterior fringe to dress my pillows up. I’m sure you’ve heard the statement devil is in the details. How fun would it be to make sure you didn’t over look the fluffy pillows that you might lay your sweet head down on as you take a nap in the fresh air on your patio?  In combination Elaine Smith’s creative styles with beautiful fabrics take this exterior detail to the next level.

Elaine Smith Outdoor Pillows


 Check out this nautical style pillow…beautiful!


Elaine Smith Outdoor Pillow

Elaine Smith Exterior Pillow

All very elegant, fun, and unique!


Tommy Bahama Armoire for Exterior

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Tommy Bahama Armoire for Exterior


I’m really glad that the new Tommy Bahama line has picked up what I’m putting down. The exterior is an outdoor living space not just words. Think of the furniture that works for the interior and reproduce the items for the exterior. I’m often building armoires to hold pool towels, kids water toys, sunscreens, etc…Although the style of the Tommy Bahama unit is not versatile enough to be used in every eclectic decor it’s a start. I like the Pride Family Brands credenza available in several different finishes. Neither of these pieces are sealed and weather can get in but I think the breath-ability is great for not developing mold. 


Tommy Bahama Outdoor Armoire

This is a terrible photo but unfortunately this item is so new it’s not on the site at the time of the this post. Go to for more information.


My new TV Clip…Get inspired!

Watch The Green Eyed Gardner…that’s me…discover the world through it’s gardens. 

Alcohol Burners Are On Fire!

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Eco Feu Fire Place

Eco Feu Fire Place

EcoSmart Stix

It used to be a trip to a Europe trade show before I could locate a company producing alcohol and gel burning fire features. This year at the shows the “Alcohol Burners Are On Fire!” What’s so great about these fire features is that you turn any level surface or wall space into a fire pit/ fire place so to speak.
Eco Smart is one company that came out with an innovative artistic way to use the burner as exterior decor.