Lloyd Flanders Coastal? Outdoor Furniture

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Lloyd Flander's Coastal Dining

Picture this you are in the mountains of North Carolina out on a beautiful stone covered terrace over looking the Blue Ridge mountains. Your rustic charmed home is filled with exposed beams, high ceilings, and warmth from your gorgeous stone fire place.The air is crisp, the leaves beautiful shades or gold and red. You just woke up grabbed your ipad and headed outside to sit on your terrace. You are listening to the nature wake up while reading the New York times enjoying your best fair trade blend. What are you sitting on?

This collection has been called Coastal by Lloyd Flanders but I see it as the perfect set for the lodge feel or lakehouse perhaps. I have a friend Kim who has a great lake cabin in Minnesota. I think I need to show her this set it’s perfect for her wood porch nestled outside of her large glass windows on her a frame home. That’s it I’m calling this collection Lake Cottage!  

Llyod Flander's Coastal Collection

Tommy Bahama Outdoor Furniture Great Traditional Coastal

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Tommy Bahama Patio Furniture

This year Tommy Bahama outdoor furniture offered several items that I found filled a void in the industry. The first example of this is true coastal furniture for the traditionalist at heart. I like this line because the synthetic weave has the look of a twisted palm frond. This aluminum and wicker combination offers just the right combo to balance what may be present inside your coastal home. Although Lloyd Flander’s was showing a line that was called coastal I think they should called lodge or lake house and they would get more hits. I can see this collection on big wide open back patio maybe on the inter-coastal, bay, or even the wide open water. This style works beautifully with Carolina coastal all the way down to the Bahamas. Give me a tin roof, margarita, and this Tommy Bahama collection please!

Tommy Bahama Patio Furniture

Tommy Bahama Patio Furniture

 If your looking for these great coastal style finds. You will have to sit tight. The outdoor furniture line is in the processs of changing hands to Lexington.

Fairy Gardens a great Kids Gift Idea

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My niece Abby has beleived in fairies since the age of 5. My sister used to type up letters on the computer from the fairies and reduce them down to a tiny size, roll them in a scroll like form, and neatly set them at the base of oak tree outside of their family home. That is where Abigail made a little fairy house for all of the wonderful, magically winged characters that would come visit her in the night. When I found these fairy gardens at the show I thought the dream could go on forever. Even if she found out that fairies weren’t for real the little gardens she could make, the tools, and the fairy furniture would be enough to keep the dream alive.

 At http://fairygardening.com you can learn where to buy, how to care for , and all about the magical ferries that can visit your home and make your little one smile.

Fairy Garden

Fairy Garden

Coolest Outdoor Chandelier Ever

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Fat Boy Chandelier

I cannot wait for this little number to become available for sale. Fat Boy well known for it’s comfy exterior bean bags is entering the world of hanging exterior lighting in a most exciting and different way. I think this chandelier will work in many different styles although the red cord might be a bit limiting. Should I drop them a note and say please offer black too! I love this!


Fat Boy Exterior Chandelier


Kim Levell’s 5 Top Christmas Pick’s for the Gardener

Kim’s 5 Top Christmas Picks For The Gardener 


What to buy the garden enthusiast? Check out my top 5!

Over the years I have been given many garden gadgets such as travel garden kits, cute little yard ornaments like spinning flowers, glass bulb humming bird feeders, etc…While I’m supremely happy to be thought of during the holiday season, I would like to let my family and friends that receiving garden art is like sometimes having to wear your grandmothers gifted alphabet sweater at age 15. I don’t want a purple windmill in the middle of my yard. Save your money or go cool! Buy something for your gardening loved one that they wouldn’t usually splurge on for themselves. This is what my list would look like for Santa…

1. Books, books, and more garden books. There is always room for one more garden book in a true entusiasts life.

Check out:

The Life and Love of Trees by Lewis Blackwell

The Life and Love of Trees by Lewis Black
American Eden by Wade Graham


2. The Bradley and Tanner Leather Apron in Pink. It also comes in brown and  green. (Currently $120.00 based on British Pound Conversion)

Check out the leather knee pads too!

Bradley and Tannery Leather Garden Apron

3. Dubarry Country Boots of Ireland…This is for your real significant other. Yes they are pricey but they are also once in a lifetime. The older they become, the more worn they look, the better they become!  http://uk-shop.dubarryboots.com/collections/galway-boot-women


(These will set you back about $470.00 plus shipping from Europe)

Country Garden Boots

4. Burgon and Ball  Anything Sophie Conran

I love this collection offered by Burgon and Ball especially the Secateurs. They are super stylish!
5. Garden’s Illustrated
This magazine is full of beautiful imagery, great gardening information around the world, and fantastic ideas.

Garden Illustrated Magazine

 While I know most of the gifts are European. These gift ideas are about giving the gardener something they may not splurge on for themselves. So order now to insure delivery. It generally takes a minimum of 2 weeks to receive packages from the UK.