My Favorite Cushion-less Outdoor Chair

My Favorite Cushion-less Outdoor Chair


Airo 2 Chair from Home Crest

I’m usually not a fan of sling style chairs until now. This is truly my favorite collection that Home Crest has and it’s also my favorite cushion-less seating for the exterior. I have several homeowners who like to live life on the edge. The edge of the water that is. The sometimes wicked high sea winds can wreak havoc on cushions, curtains, and accessories. It’s no wonder when the discussion comes up about furniture the first thing on their minds is either no cushions or please be sure they are strapped down! I love these chairs because they come in a wide assortment of colors, the contemporary feel can mesh well with traditional/transitional if done right, and they dry out super fast after a decent rain storm, and you can sit in them for hours without imprints on your pretty little legs.

New Fun Firepits with a Real Dance Around the Camp Fire Feel

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New Fun Firepits with a Real Dance Around the Camp Fire Feel

Orion fire dome and flames Fire Pit

Full Moon Party Fire Pit

Good Directions introduced a new collection of fire bowls this year with a real Sedona camp fire feel. The images kind of remind me of hanging out in a big wood chair, wrapped up in a wool blanket, drinking a warm hot cocoa with some Bailey’s, and listening to the crackle of the fire while I watch the sun set on the mystical red rocks of Sedona Arizona. Known for there copper hammer firebowls I think these are and interesting departure from the traditional styles.

Adorable Numbered Galvanized Steel Burlap Pots

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Burlap/ Galvanzied Planter

This great little container would make a great little ivy pot or herb pot in your favorite sunny kitchen window. It’s the look that blends in with popular trend swinging towrds industrial shiek.

How to introduce funky colors in your collection of planters

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Pottery Land's 2012 Collection

If you would like to introduce some funky colors into your collection of pots take a page from Pottery Lands latest display. I like using this traditional green on just about any home. In this photo notice how one pot is neutral mixed with the green, then you have a solid green, and then lastly the pops of orange and yellow which have the same gold tones of the green. It’s a way to take your patio from a safe neutral pallet to an exciting adventurous happy pallet!

Hot Pot Color Combinations

Hot Pot Color Combo

Pottery Land’s latest import is this colorful orage and yellow combo pot. This just looks like a sunny day to me. On the right patio this combo is sure to pop!

Best liners for hanging baskets and planters

If you wish to help your flowers thrive in thier hanging baskets, window boxes, and planters without drying out too quickly during the summer months try Magni Moist. I like to use this material in the bottom of my pot to not only retain the moisture, but to keep the soil form running out. It’s sold in many different ways whether you are using it for line baskets, window boxes, or full on gardens. It’s Smart Fibers (all-natural Kenaf, a hibiscus derivative), deflect water back into the dry soil above. Only when the soil is fully saturated will MagniMoist become porous and release any excess water. Reduces fertilizer runoff, too! A U.S.-grown alternative with NO chemical binders and NO fumigants (try finding that with imported coco or moss!)

MagniMoist Plant Liners