For the love of it!

For the love of it!

Kim Levell


I think blogging for me has actually been the hardest part of my entry into television more than anything else. It always happens the same way. I psyche myself to work on social media. I type for hours making 10 blogs to run consecutively and then bupkis, nadda, zip. You won’t hear a word from me for weeks.

I started asking myself why is this so darn difficult? Why do I dread this part of the process? Quite honestly I simply don’t enjoy coming up with copious amounts of content. Which is why I do what I do. Otherwise I suppose I would be a blog writer.

So hear is what I proposed to myself. As an exterior designer I pour my heart and soul into every job that best suits my spirit and those of the people I am creating for. Why not tell people why your job gives you such joy. Write a blog about how you completely surprise people with how absolutely comfortable and happy they are in the exterior space that you have created for them. That subcategory is called Inspiration and from time to time I hope I inspire you to get out outside and get closer to nature!



New Fun Firepits with a Real Dance Around the Camp Fire Feel

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New Fun Firepits with a Real Dance Around the Camp Fire Feel

Orion fire dome and flames Fire Pit

Full Moon Party Fire Pit

Good Directions introduced a new collection of fire bowls this year with a real Sedona camp fire feel. The images kind of remind me of hanging out in a big wood chair, wrapped up in a wool blanket, drinking a warm hot cocoa with some Bailey’s, and listening to the crackle of the fire while I watch the sun set on the mystical red rocks of Sedona Arizona. Known for there copper hammer firebowls I think these are and interesting departure from the traditional styles.

Adorable Numbered Galvanized Steel Burlap Pots

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Burlap/ Galvanzied Planter

This great little container would make a great little ivy pot or herb pot in your favorite sunny kitchen window. It’s the look that blends in with popular trend swinging towrds industrial shiek.

How to introduce funky colors in your collection of planters

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Pottery Land's 2012 Collection

If you would like to introduce some funky colors into your collection of pots take a page from Pottery Lands latest display. I like using this traditional green on just about any home. In this photo notice how one pot is neutral mixed with the green, then you have a solid green, and then lastly the pops of orange and yellow which have the same gold tones of the green. It’s a way to take your patio from a safe neutral pallet to an exciting adventurous happy pallet!

Hot Pot Color Combinations

Hot Pot Color Combo

Pottery Land’s latest import is this colorful orage and yellow combo pot. This just looks like a sunny day to me. On the right patio this combo is sure to pop!

Coolest Outdoor Chandelier Ever

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Fat Boy Chandelier

I cannot wait for this little number to become available for sale. Fat Boy well known for it’s comfy exterior bean bags is entering the world of hanging exterior lighting in a most exciting and different way. I think this chandelier will work in many different styles although the red cord might be a bit limiting. Should I drop them a note and say please offer black too! I love this!


Fat Boy Exterior Chandelier


Elaine Smith’s Pillow Fashion Sense

Elaine Smith’s Pillow Fashion Sense…Inconceivably Outdoors!

Elaine Smith Exterior Pillows




Elaine Smith Exterior Pillow

I’m always looking for that next level when it comes to personalizing your outdoor living space. While I love to put pillows outside I have to admit I kept it simple. I may use beautiful fabrics, but I play it safe by using welts, cording, and the occasional exterior fringe to dress my pillows up. I’m sure you’ve heard the statement devil is in the details. How fun would it be to make sure you didn’t over look the fluffy pillows that you might lay your sweet head down on as you take a nap in the fresh air on your patio?  In combination Elaine Smith’s creative styles with beautiful fabrics take this exterior detail to the next level.

Elaine Smith Outdoor Pillows


 Check out this nautical style pillow…beautiful!


Elaine Smith Outdoor Pillow

Elaine Smith Exterior Pillow

All very elegant, fun, and unique!


Buddha you always make a great zen exterior accessory!

Depending upon the colors you have selected for your exterior living space this turquoise Buddha offers a great little peaceful to place on any credenza, bar, coffee table or garden bench. Also available in white I really like a little the aged look.  I can see this sitting a top a moder style coffee table for sure sitting next to a modern style pot with a beautiful orchid planted inside! This collection is offered by Skalny which only sells to the wholesale trade. You can view the entire collection at

Yes…I found a grey exterior rug that I can use!

Plastic Fantastic Grey Chair from JSPR

Walt Disney Pamona Outdoor Rug

Liroa Manne' Outdoor Rug in Grey

I recently placed the coolest chairs in a job from JSPR “plastic fantastic”. My challenge would then be to find an outdoor rug that I would find acceptable to use with these unbelievably cool grey chairs. Most recently I saw Liora Manne’s new collection by Trans Ocean  in Chicago at the IGC. I was settling in on the idea of using a black rug from the Walt Disney collection. However this rug is perfect for not only it’s shade of grey, but the word play is interesting, fun, and a conversation starter! I’m not sure if it’s what I will use for this particular job. Walt might win, but it’s nice to finally have options. Grey was the hot color at the ICF show in Chicago for furniture this year but only Liore Manne’ was thinking it might be nice for rugs! If grey is what you are looking then be sure to take a peak at the Dalyn Rug Company too. They have a geometric grey exterior rug that can work for almost any look.