Curb Appeal: A Plain Builders Spec get’s a make over…Bahama Style!

Not sure what to call this style?


 I worked on this home awhile back. The design concept was almost fully executed except for new railings, front door, and garage door. At least if ever the clients ever want to take it up to the next level they’ll know what to do!  The items completed were strategically selected made a great impact. It looks great!  

When you have a large three story home like this it’s important to save some money in the budget for full size landscape material. It brings the house into scale and adds warmth. I replaced and redesigned the driveway, added a mixed combination of a small roof and arbor over the garages which will later have a flowering vine. The redesign also included matching royal palms in 18″ *gw (see explanation at bottom of page), a new metal roof, paint color change, Bahamian shutters, lighting, and am I missing anything?

Bahama Beautiful!


*GW= grey wood. It’s the total of exposed grey wood from bottom to top. This does not include the crown shaft or fronds.