Making my way to my hotel in Rome I would be staying in an area called the ghetto. I found my hotel on which I found lists more European hotels then its counter parts. It was small with only six rooms. My room was neat, clean, the a/c worked, and the internet was free and not spotty. The place was called Regola Suites and the only draw back I found was if you come in late at night after having met up with an old friend for wine the door isn’t double locked you are just malfunctioning. However, this is day one and that comes later.

After I got cleaned up from my very long flight I had remembered someone who travelled a lot to Europe told me you have to rally and stay awake until it’s time to go to bed on their clock. So I headed out with my camera to start my architectural exploration. One thing that strikes you when looking at residences in Rome are the door pulls. They are always brass and you will see some very cool ones with unusual designs. Door after door, pull after pull I could tell I was in for a very long month of taking pictures.