Via Tagliamento

Via Tagliamento: Best street in Rome for beautiful homes

Day 2: My dear friend Melissa happened to be visiting Rome at the same time as myself. She had a brilliant idea to find a photographer for a lesson and introduced my to Franceso Amorosino ( Honestly I had become a little lost after my first day of shooting. My camera was just not doing what my inexperienced manual disregarding self wanted it to do. I decided to meet him at one of the best streets in Rome for luxury and unique homes. The street was called Via Tagliamento. I sat down on the center fountain at 8 a.m. in the shade thinking it would be great if I could just lie down on the sidewalk but I’m not sure how that would go over for our first introduction much less the affluent neighborhood with the morning commute to work under way. Francesco arrived with a warm smile and lucky for me not only did he have 3 years at photography school but we also shared the same camera the Canon T3i. You see meeting up with a friend in Italy is great but drinking a few bottles of wine is not so great! The mornings here have been really hot and I was feeling like I had been out to sea after a stormy night. What I did learn is what I needed to know, which is how Francesco shoots and what symbols he selects on the camera. M good, move this button for light great, manual focus, amen…we were off to a great start. He suggested we get me a cup of Italian coffee for it surely cures all. After a little more lesson at the cafe we both realized I was under equipped and would need a telephoto lens. So instead of shooting at my insistence he offered to take me to a camera store and translate. While we waited for the salesman I wondered over to the tripods just to see if they had lighter ones. Oh yeah much lighter. In fact it made my tripod feel like a I was lugging around a 10 pound sack of potatoes. Ugh! Well the lens was around 300 euro so I passed. Our ticketed number was up and it was time to buy my new 50mm-250mm lens and a new charger for my battery. Before I left home I was packing and came across a grey cord that looked like it went to a radio. I guess it wasn’t just some random cord after all. In my opinion my photo lesson at 130 Euro was priceless because navigating the Roman streets to find the best camera shop Fotoforniture Sabatini on Via Germanico near the Vatican would have been a challenge much less knowing what would be the right gear. Francesco explained I didn’t want under 50mm because I already had that in others lens which was also very good to know! Although I was still a out of my element I was beginning to feel like I can do this. Sent from my iPad