For the love of it!

For the love of it!

Kim Levell


I think blogging for me has actually been the hardest part of my entry into television more than anything else. It always happens the same way. I psyche myself to work on social media. I type for hours making 10 blogs to run consecutively and then bupkis, nadda, zip. You won’t hear a word from me for weeks.

I started asking myself why is this so darn difficult? Why do I dread this part of the process? Quite honestly I simply don’t enjoy coming up with copious amounts of content. Which is why I do what I do. Otherwise I suppose I would be a blog writer.

So hear is what I proposed to myself. As an exterior designer I pour my heart and soul into every job that best suits my spirit and those of the people I am creating for. Why not tell people why your job gives you such joy. Write a blog about how you completely surprise people with how absolutely comfortable and happy they are in the exterior space that you have created for them. That subcategory is called Inspiration and from time to time I hope I inspire you to get out outside and get closer to nature!



DeBartolo-Miggs Exterior Design Photos are Rolling In

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DeBartolo-Miggs Exterior Design Photos are Rolling In :

I really love what I do especially when I can sit back anjoy the fruit of my labor. These are just a few shots of a job completed approximately one year ago.

Outdoor Fireplace by Kim Levell


Trends in Outdoor-Exterior furniture

My Favorite Cushion-less Outdoor Chair

My Favorite Cushion-less Outdoor Chair


Airo 2 Chair from Home Crest

I’m usually not a fan of sling style chairs until now. This is truly my favorite collection that Home Crest has and it’s also my favorite cushion-less seating for the exterior. I have several homeowners who like to live life on the edge. The edge of the water that is. The sometimes wicked high sea winds can wreak havoc on cushions, curtains, and accessories. It’s no wonder when the discussion comes up about furniture the first thing on their minds is either no cushions or please be sure they are strapped down! I love these chairs because they come in a wide assortment of colors, the contemporary feel can mesh well with traditional/transitional if done right, and they dry out super fast after a decent rain storm, and you can sit in them for hours without imprints on your pretty little legs.

Privacy Please… Balcony Screen

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Privacy Please… Balcony Screen


Les Jardins Privacy Planter



Considering that I’m in the garden on a daily basis sculpting dreams for my clients I found refuge in a 1600SF condo in downtown Tampa. Lucky for me my balcony is recessed which gives me ample privacy or as much as living on top of someone can be. However, as time goes on it’s not just condo living that’s close but also many single family 2 and 3 story homes are being built just feet apart. In my neck of the woods it’s 10′ to be exact. One issue that clients ofetn face is how to get some privacy from their neighbor. While one of my favorite screens to build is dry bamboo boxed in I thought these planters from Les Jardins were feeling a niche need. Companies go out on limb sometimes developing these products and you won’t find many available. Stay tuned and I’ll show you how to mak that bamboo screen soon!


Elaine Smith’s Pillow Fashion Sense

Elaine Smith’s Pillow Fashion Sense…Inconceivably Outdoors!

Elaine Smith Exterior Pillows




Elaine Smith Exterior Pillow

I’m always looking for that next level when it comes to personalizing your outdoor living space. While I love to put pillows outside I have to admit I kept it simple. I may use beautiful fabrics, but I play it safe by using welts, cording, and the occasional exterior fringe to dress my pillows up. I’m sure you’ve heard the statement devil is in the details. How fun would it be to make sure you didn’t over look the fluffy pillows that you might lay your sweet head down on as you take a nap in the fresh air on your patio?  In combination Elaine Smith’s creative styles with beautiful fabrics take this exterior detail to the next level.

Elaine Smith Outdoor Pillows


 Check out this nautical style pillow…beautiful!


Elaine Smith Outdoor Pillow

Elaine Smith Exterior Pillow

All very elegant, fun, and unique!


Check out this exterior end table that doubles as a planter!






When it comes to exterior decor mixing looks is so important to creating a creative comfortable look and feel. I love finding different eclectic end tables. Check out these tables from Rome Industries Inc. While their choice of plants doesn’t exactly show these tables off to the best of their ability…I can see through what’s wrong and find the right. I see succulents, colored glass, or mexican pebbles! Maybe you could get creative and use this as cooler to keep your wine nice and chill! This company does not sell directly to the public but don’t be afraid to send an email to them and ask “hey…where do I buy your cool end tables?


Exterior Patio Table


It’s Steve & James 2nd year on the scene and sticking to their own theme.



steve & james 2011 show display


I give Steve and James two thumbs up and as a nose too. That’s means super cool in the 6 year world of my niece Mary Louise. The company was started by Steve Pellow and James Casey with the intent to offer a quality product at a good price point. Of course these are good points but I think they offer a stylized mixable exterior furniture assortment with of the moment fabric selections. James has a “just want to hug him demeanor” which tells me they would a be pleasant company to work with which as a designer that ranks just as high if not higher in my book.  James has an eclectic personal style that indicates a creative edge which is what  I think he may really bring to the table.  I  think this shows in the whimsical stylings of the Amanda collection which offers a fun almost neon color pop on it’s curvy lines. The total collection is small space friendly without feeling miniaturized. Using fabric rolled over the powdercoat and painted aluminum arm the Dean collection feels finished and stands out  from the rest of your “we fit small spaces finds”. The pieces feel a little 60’s retro yet modern and updated which make the collections extremely versatile for  a customized home exterior design look. I really liked the color selections and fabric choices. White and grey are in my mind the trendiest base fabric colors for collections in the exterior fashion moment! I also seem to be designing with a ton of blue and white which just feels so fresh and relaxed. Steve and James you are one my choice picks for the 2011 ICF expo and it’s not because you gave out the coolest best bags ever and company logo-ed coasters, but because you are coming onto the market place with a simple well grouped collection that is useful and up to date. Cheers to new beginnings!



Dean Chair

CHECK OUT to see full line and where you can purchase