For the love of it!

For the love of it!

Kim Levell


I think blogging for me has actually been the hardest part of my entry into television more than anything else. It always happens the same way. I psyche myself to work on social media. I type for hours making 10 blogs to run consecutively and then bupkis, nadda, zip. You won’t hear a word from me for weeks.

I started asking myself why is this so darn difficult? Why do I dread this part of the process? Quite honestly I simply don’t enjoy coming up with copious amounts of content. Which is why I do what I do. Otherwise I suppose I would be a blog writer.

So hear is what I proposed to myself. As an exterior designer I pour my heart and soul into every job that best suits my spirit and those of the people I am creating for. Why not tell people why your job gives you such joy. Write a blog about how you completely surprise people with how absolutely comfortable and happy they are in the exterior space that you have created for them. That subcategory is called Inspiration and from time to time I hope I inspire you to get out outside and get closer to nature!



Adorable Numbered Galvanized Steel Burlap Pots

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Burlap/ Galvanzied Planter

This great little container would make a great little ivy pot or herb pot in your favorite sunny kitchen window. It’s the look that blends in with popular trend swinging towrds industrial shiek.

How to introduce funky colors in your collection of planters

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Pottery Land's 2012 Collection

If you would like to introduce some funky colors into your collection of pots take a page from Pottery Lands latest display. I like using this traditional green on just about any home. In this photo notice how one pot is neutral mixed with the green, then you have a solid green, and then lastly the pops of orange and yellow which have the same gold tones of the green. It’s a way to take your patio from a safe neutral pallet to an exciting adventurous happy pallet!

Hot Pot Color Combinations

Hot Pot Color Combo

Pottery Land’s latest import is this colorful orage and yellow combo pot. This just looks like a sunny day to me. On the right patio this combo is sure to pop!

Best liners for hanging baskets and planters

If you wish to help your flowers thrive in thier hanging baskets, window boxes, and planters without drying out too quickly during the summer months try Magni Moist. I like to use this material in the bottom of my pot to not only retain the moisture, but to keep the soil form running out. It’s sold in many different ways whether you are using it for line baskets, window boxes, or full on gardens. It’s Smart Fibers (all-natural Kenaf, a hibiscus derivative), deflect water back into the dry soil above. Only when the soil is fully saturated will MagniMoist become porous and release any excess water. Reduces fertilizer runoff, too! A U.S.-grown alternative with NO chemical binders and NO fumigants (try finding that with imported coco or moss!)

MagniMoist Plant Liners

Privacy Please… Balcony Screen

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Privacy Please… Balcony Screen


Les Jardins Privacy Planter



Considering that I’m in the garden on a daily basis sculpting dreams for my clients I found refuge in a 1600SF condo in downtown Tampa. Lucky for me my balcony is recessed which gives me ample privacy or as much as living on top of someone can be. However, as time goes on it’s not just condo living that’s close but also many single family 2 and 3 story homes are being built just feet apart. In my neck of the woods it’s 10′ to be exact. One issue that clients ofetn face is how to get some privacy from their neighbor. While one of my favorite screens to build is dry bamboo boxed in I thought these planters from Les Jardins were feeling a niche need. Companies go out on limb sometimes developing these products and you won’t find many available. Stay tuned and I’ll show you how to mak that bamboo screen soon!


Pacific Home and Garden mixed color planters can pull a the look together.

In the world of Vietnamese pottery I really like these mixed color planters with the flat grey base currently offered by Pacific Home and Garden to the trade only. I feel like its good a way to either introduce color into a very soft grey and white pallet or bring a zinc effect more muted into a very colorful decor. The aged rustic feel of the base with the modern glossy fresh look for the top color are sure to help you combine looks. I would try this with a zinc rustic feel accented with teak chairs left to weather naturally maybe next to a white fabric sofa on an natural color aluminum frame with super funky bright patterned fabric to match! I love…the orange!

Pacific Home and Garden

Pacific Home and Garden